Humax F2 Fox T, Will The Scart Sockets Act As A Pass Through.

jedi master

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Thinking of getting a Humax F2 Fox T, just want to know does it act as a pass through aswell ??

i.e. if i have one scart going from the a scart switcher box that has my consoles in to the VCR socket on the F2 and then a scart from the F2 to the TV as standard when i turn a console on would the TV still auto switch and the F2 pass through the cosoles. If so is the pass through fully RGB ?

Fred John Dough

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The vcr socket on the F2 fox does NOT support RGB only Composite or S-Video and it is output only, you can feed a RGB signal from the F2 TV socket to your scart switchbox and then to your TV or as I have 2 receivers DVB-T and DVB-S and 2 DVD recorders plus game console to TV via a blue delta auto switch box which sees the RGB signal of the unit that is on and Auto. switches through to the TV , brilliant unit.:D :D

jedi master

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The reason why i asked was because my sky box acts as a pass through even though the vcr socket is a output. But anyways if it does'nt support RGB then thats no good , guess i'll have to replace my scart switching box for a new one that can have more inputs.



Posting on behalf of my father, who's been looking into RGB loopthrough and has experience with some Humax boxes:

I am pretty sure the Humax F2 Fox T does provide RGB loop through from VCR to TV.

But I think you'll also find that the CVBS status does not operate correctly, which may result in incorrect switching on TV and/or incorrect aspect ratio display. (F2 Fox T VCR out is CVBS or S-video).

Hope this helps.

James (on behalf of Gordon)

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