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Please move this as needed. This post is to satisfy my own curiosity. I saw a HUMAX brand dvd recorder with hdd in a second hand store. Like most similar units it has an RF IN and OUT connectors, A LINE IN set both front and rear, A LINE OUT set in the rear. I do not remember if it had a tuner. I would guess no. What it DOES have is a button on the front to switch from the HDD to the DVD RECORDER. What it does NOT have is a front panel RECORD button. I can only conclude that is on the remote which of course is missing. Except for the addition of the HDD and the missing REC button it is very similar to any standard DVD RECORDER. This brings up a few questions. Is this unit a REAL DVD RECORDER? Can the unit record from EITHER/BOTH RF and LINE? FRONT OR REAR? Since the unit has no tuner would the channel be selected at a CABLE BOX? Is the RF OUT PASSIVE or ACTIVE? That is, is there a built in RF CONVERTOR? I have a PHILIPS DVDR 985 which requires an external RF CONVERTOR. Does the input signal record to the HDD, DVD or BOTH? Either one or both simultaneously? Which dvd format does it use? R, RW, PLUS, MINUS, ALL? I have seen confusing and contradictory statements made about this unit. BTW model is unknown. I think this goes back to 2006. My 985 goes back to 2002. NO HDD. Works flawlessly. Please provide me with complete and accurate info please.
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Without a model number it's going to be hard to find anything. One point if there's no tuner why would it have a rf in socket it would be pointless. You would expect either a DVB-T tuner or PAL analogue tuner of some description whether it is/was a UK compatible tuner is another question :confused:

The only other use for a rf in socket is if the box has a analogue modulator (like a Sky box)
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(rtrg is posting from the States.)

I think it will be very difficult for anyone here to be able to give you any useful help, because this is a UK based forum, and as far as I am aware, Humax have never released any DVD recorder products in this part of the world.

Try searching out AVS forums which is the American equivalent.
You should get good help there.

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