Humax DTR-T1000 -1TB or Samsung STB-E7900


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Jun 14, 2006
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I would point out that the Samsung STB-E7500 is not Youview so a comparison is difficult.:confused:
I would point out that the Samsung STB-E7500 is not Youview so a comparison is difficult.:confused:

OK....:rolleyes:....but what are your thoughts? I'm after catch up TV, both seem to do that, the Samsung with it's Smart Hub the Humax is Youview. Pros and Cons would be great.
Has any body got the Samsung ? Just would like a bit of advice on what the difference is between a you view set and the Samsung set.
You should note the DTR-T1000 has been discontinued and their last stocks are being sold at a discount through the HumaxDirect site. The replacement DTR-T1010 is simply an updated casing which has a silver fascia rather than the original one directly borrowed from the HDR Fox T2.

You should note that YouView boxes do not conform to the Freeview HD "D book" specification, even though they receive HD. The main difference is the internet protocol used which, I have been told on the Youview forums by one of their employees is not MHEG-IC (although they will not reveal which it actually is, saying that they hope to be HbbTV compatible at some time in the future). For the moment, this means that you cannot access the IPTV channels provided as portals on the Freeview EPG. That should change as the main provider is Connect which Arqiva, a YouView partner, has recently purchased.

The operation of the catchup services on YouView is primarily though the "backwards" EPG. You just click on an available programme from the last week and the box connects automatically. You do not have to go into a separate menu and open up a player.

Youview has all four PSB's catchup services plus "Milkshake", a children's service from Five and a cut down version of NowTV from Sky - essentially a movie service. The Samsung box on the other hand has a web browser and other "apps" that are not available (yet??) on YouView. If you have an iPhone or iPad, there is a remote control app to schedule recordings while away from home on the Humax - similar to a feature on $ky boxes. An Android version is "under development" - a phrase you may get to know quite well if you look at the YouView site forums.

YouView have not yet implemented the part of their base specifications relating to the USB sockets which at the moment are officially for "engineer use". That base specification includes playback from external USB storage ("under consideration") although saving recorded programmes from the box's hard drive to an external USB drive is "not required". The latter should be possible given that Humax have the Linux routines from their earlier boxes however it seems like YouView are being sniffy about manufacturers adding their own extra features (which is allowed in the base specs!)

Humax YouView boxes probably have a far larger user base than the Samsung and their forum members are fairly stroppy about YouView getting the firmware right (which it is not at the moment although one of the more annoying bugs, the fast forward/back and skip forward/back sticking seems to have been cured with the latest update) Hopefully they will eventually have a box that does not have to be reset regularly (another bug!) - afraid I only downloaded the last update yesterday so cannot comment on if it has improved things.

On the timed recordings side; YouView uses the "Accurate Recording" signals broadcast alongside the programmes. Unfortunately the broadcasters do not always get these right (some are a lot worse than others) which can lead to the start or end of programmes being cut off. The Samsung appears to allow the padding or manual adjustment which many on the YV forums demand. Personally I have not had this problem although a few have failed.
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I looked at both, as my DHR-8205 packed it, and was set for the Samsung when I noticed a number of posts about tuner faults and the fact that box was discontinued shortly after. I bought a Humax Youview (500 Gb) and am happy with it.

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