Humax 9200T and Topfield in same room?


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Good morning all,

Has anyone used a Hummy and Toppy in the same room? I am looking for a second PVR ( for those occasions when there is something decent on 3+ sides and I have been made a better offer ;) )

I am primarily concerned about remote conflicts, I would ideally like a second 9200T but as this is not possible I can hopefully amuse myself with a few TAPs as a bonus.

Thanks in advance,



or get a DVD Recorder with HDD and freeview tuner, then you have third tuner, and archive system.


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I've used a Toppy & a Hummy 8000T in same room with no conflicts. To be honest I have had 4 different manufacturer stb's in the same room with no conflicts so nowt to worry about there. You should not be dissapointed with the Toppy either... it's a great piece of kit if you can get on with the remote... most basic functions are easy but the small buttons imo are a pain in the butt.


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most basic functions are easy but the small buttons imo are a pain in the butt.

Welcome Bob

Perhaps time to think about a decent learning remote as well? Agree with pSf about the Toppy. :smashin:



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Thanks very much folks, a Toppy it will be

I picked up a Harmony 895 a while ago when the wife threatened to leave me, as she couldn't watch the TV anymore without help :smashin:

I've decided to spend what I saved in alimony this month on A'diva TI's :D

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