Humax 9200T: All recordings have disappeared



Hope someone can help me.
All my recorded programs seem to have disappeared when I go into the recordings menu there is nothing there. really worried because i had so much saved on the hard drive and now it looks like i may have lost them for good.
the strange thing is that according to space left on the hard drive they are still there somewhere?

Any advice please!!!

Thanks in advance.
There was a bug with older software that could lead to the recordings table loose track of the recordings on the disk. The cause was stopped in one of the software releases but we think even if the machine has had the bug fix software put on at some stage, if some of the damaging corruption was already on the disk it could be too late and a matter of time. I think thats what happened here. Its the format option after that fixed software that was found to also clear any previous underlying damage already on the disk. If you arent making new recordings on the disk you could try the recording recovery techniques discovered last year in the FAQ section of
Thanks for the reply
Software version 1.00.06
Loader version a4.08
update date 24 May 2006

Not had an OTA update since cant do a manual update because you need a special cable I believe??
Thanks for the reply
Software version 1.00.06
Loader version a4.08
update date 24 May 2006

Not had an OTA update since cant do a manual update because you need a special cable I believe??

yep the .06 OTA contained the fix but without the format theres still a risk about the previous corruption that may already be on the disk, even if no further corruption is being caused by the firmware since .06 and after.

If manual updates is of interest you will need this cable: The same company do various usb to serial adaptors shoul your computer only have USB ports. Upgrading is recomended if you can because the two major bugs in .06 with screen blanking problem and the thinks its recording but due to autopadding are fixes in the next 2 software releases.
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Hope you get it resolved.

There is a salutory lesson here for all, though:

DON'T rely on the Hard Disc alone in any device for keeping anything that's important to you. Loss of the Hard Disc or its contents through any cause means loss of your treasures.

Always copy anything important off onto a removable medium - DVD for example.
Hi thanks
Does this definately mean I have no chance of getting my recordings back - and that i have to do a format?

By the way is it easy to do do manual updates if so then I may as well get the cable in order to do it.

thanks again!
There is information on recovery of lost recordings that someone found before the fix was transmitted OTA. It should be still in the FAQ section of forums. This may help.The FAQ section also happens to detail what to do for manual software updates. Its easy but you may benefit from support via the forums too.
hiya, yes i had the same happen today - mind u it was my own fault. Every week i upload the contents onto my pc by taking the cover off and attatching my external caddie to the hard drive in situ.

Easy peasy with the software i installed which when opened picks up teh drive and then can transfer the files at a gig a min or more.

But i rebooted at the same time today and change around my hard drives and so went into disc manager just to check all ok and the wizard to identify this drive popped up.

i should have ignored this but hec i went through to pick the drive up in windows and could i then open the disc in the software i have - nope

so i put the humax back together and sure enuf the format option on humax popped up so i went through that and lost the weeks films - not the end of the world tho - i had tranferred all the music vids beforehand anyways.

Next time i will not let the wizard in disc manager get a foothold onto the disc in the first place - shoulde have known better in the first place.

So, if they are lost they are lost but you could try using the computer software u have to see if that can see the files before you reformat. Cheers.

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