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I know that the answer is probably no but was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to link in a external cctv camera to the hummy and use the hard drive to record what goes on during the night. (Car broken into:mad: :mad: :mad: ). I know that it only has an aerial input but wondered if this could be split to ccept input from camer.




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Buy a HDD-DVD recorder instead. That will do what you want. NONE of the Freeview PVRs will record anything except Freeview.


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Another options is a network web cam; I did some experiments with a D Link camera here, which has motion detection and then saves the relevant images to the house web server; in theory, I could set up a scheduled task to copy them from there on to the Toppy PVR (and doubtless you could do something similar with the Humax), for viewing on the TV. But in practise, it's just as easy to look at them on any of the networked PCs.

Also, consider the free Windows Media Encoder software for a PC; you can plug in any old cam and set it to record at very low frame rates, such as 0.5 fps, which is suitable for CCTV and won't fill up the hard drive.


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