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Humax 9200 Firmware Upgrade (11/12/06 - 15/12/06)

Ta Moko

Established Member
Humax firmware version 1.00.06, is scheduled for over air upgrade from Mon morning at 10am.


I'm still running the firmware version that shipped with the box (1.00.01), so am missing out on chase play and auto-padding. I've not got a serial cable so haven't been able to force an update from PC and haven't quite worked out how to update over the air.

A couple of questions, Mondays upgrade is on 'Multiplex B', will my box find this correctly if I perform an 'Automatic Update' during broadcast period? If not and I have to do a 'Manual Update', I'm asked for Channel and Frequency info, these are currently set to 49 and 698000 respectively, are these correct?

A more recent firmware update, 1.00.08, is available for those with abability to upgrade via PC, from the following site (Registration required.)


Any advice appreciated, Cheers


Ta Moko

Established Member
Any tips on how to do?


Established Member
Any tips on how to do?

Hi. If you leave your machine in standby over night during a software broadcast at 4am it will wake up to check for over the air updates and download a software update if its a more recent version being broadcast. You can do it manually when you are in on the days these are broadcast which is described in the manual too or the FAQ section on www.hummy.org.uk forums. Hope that helps.

Ta Moko

Established Member
Thanks MD - Broadcast should start in 1/2 an hour, I'll give it a go

Update : Downloaded firmware (@ 10:03) :thumbsup: , don't know what I was worried about, very easy. Now have auto buffering and chase-play


Standard Member
Version 1.00.06 is being transmitted at the moment so you could try either leaving it in standby to update at 3 or 4 am.

Or try forcing it to look fo an update in the preferences part of the menu.

This is being transmitted untill the 15th of this month.

Siamese Cat

Established Member
Whilst they're still doing 1.00.06 OTA the downloads available on the Humax website have moved on two generations. Today 1.00.10 was made available and it contains a load of improvements...

1. Increase schedule timers to 50
2. Increased EPG view to 5 programmes
3. Day of the week displayed in the EPG
4. Weekday (Mon-Fri) and Weekend(Sat-Sun) added to the Repeat Modes
5. You can now use the Left/Right arrows to change the Start and End times when setting up a Manual Reservation. To enter the times using the Numeric buttons press OK.
6. Increased FIND search results to 250
7. Info "i" button displays programme info in Schedules list
8. Info "i" button displays programme info in Recorded Programme menu when Early Start Time is set to "On Time"
Note: If you have set The Early Start Time in the menu then you will receive the info for the previous programme
9. You can Organise your Scheduled Recordings by Date order (Ascending & Descending) and Alphabetically
10. The Recorded Programmes menu and Playlist will display the most recent recordings at the top of the list.
11. You can Organise your Recorded Programmes by Date order (Ascending & Descending) and Alphabetically - via the Recorded Programmes menu and the on screen Playlist
12. Increased Schedule list to 5 displayed on screen
13. You can mark and delete Multiple Schedules
14. You can mark Multiple Recorded programmes for playback and deleting - via the Recorded Programmes menu and the on screen Playlist
15. PiP (Picture in Picture) now available when playing back a recording
16. PiP (Picture in Picture) now available when recording
Note: PiP is limited when recording to the Multiplex(s) you are recording
17. Playlist and PiP Channel List now available in the Group window
18. Editing Recording is now renamed to TRIM and functionality changed
19. Fast-Forward & Fast-Rewind buttons can be used in the EPG to go forward and back in 2 hour intervals
20. Jump & Instant Replay buttons can be used in the EPG to go forward and back in Days
21. Jump function now available in 120 seconds ? option available in the Preferences > Miscellaneous Settings menu
22. Source button problem resolved

Ta Moko

Established Member
Thanks for update S.C. I wasn't bothered about the 1.00.08 update, as it didn't seem to over much on top of the over-the-air version. This latest firmware seems to add a lot of useful functionallity and several features that were on peoples wishlists. Now I know I've probably got at least 1 serial lead somewhere, but it's probably quicker to go to a major high street retailer and pick up a new one, rather that search through endless boxes and draws of old PC bits and pieces :suicide:

Paul Shirley

Established Member
New boxes won't have bleeding edge firmware installed until the stock is all sold through, people are still finding ancient firmware revisions. Its also unlikely 1.0.10 will ever be preinstalled, it has a number of known bugs and was only released following strong pressure on Humax to get the 50 timer increase out before Xmas. The next official release is waiting on new Freeview functions, probably a rushed Feb2007 for advertising reasons with a version worth risking months later.

15 months now of throwing shiny new features at the easily pleased to distract comment on the bugs and design cockups they were avoiding and they still haven't completed the obvious/important requests made in Oct2005! Or made the machine do the simple job of recording what I ask it to 100% of the time ;(


Established Member
Any idea when the next OTA firmware upgrade is due up next? Just got myself a new humax with the 1.0.08 firmware.

The twice monthly OTAs wont affect your machine because its up to date. But the next brand new software version to be put in the OTA update system will probably be around March. There is a free download of software with extra features that will be found in the next brand new OTA. But you will need a null modem cable and a PC with either a USB or serial port to do it.


Established Member
Is it worth flashing to the next firmware from 1.0.08? I have a null modem cable and a pc with a serial port, so I'm able to do it that way.


Established Member
Is it worth flashing to the next firmware from 1.0.08? I have a null modem cable and a pc with a serial port, so I'm able to do it that way.

Yes i think so. The change is reversable if you prefer your ;08 version though. Main differences is the ability to sort menus/lists, multiple select items when doing things like deleting schedules and recordings. You can now delete recordings from the playlist, use PIP during playback or when the machine is recording, weekday and weekend timer options have been added and the ability to set up to 50 scheduled timers (its 20 in your current version), ad skip has 2 minutes added to the options, the find facility has gone from returning 100 results to 250. You can view programme sysnopsis in the scheduled timers list for pogrammes set to record, you can select multiple files in the recordings list and have them play out one after the other non-stop in any order you like. There is an FAQ about the process on www.hummy.org.uk forums.

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