Humax 9000 - update on availability?

theo cupier

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Just done a quick search on the forum and the last word seemed to suggest 'late 2004 / early 2005' as the launch date for this.

Has anyone heard anything more definite on this?


I bought a 8000T's :thumbsup: , because I couldn't wait that long for the 9200. I only payed £122 from Dixons web site for the 40G version.
I couldn't live without my 8000T Humax, its just brill.
I upgraded the hard disk to Maxtor 120G.

PVR-9200T(Twin Tuner PVR) will be available around the middle of Next year (2005)

See <>




Will this b another PVR that is incapable of archiving digitally? =(

Has anyone seen any details of the TOPFIELD 5000PVRt? twin tuner, twin record , with usb2 and an application 2 give pc FULL controll over EVERYTHING, its getting good reviews in OZ and in germany.

But i have no idea if it is available here =( ( or if its designed 4 our epg system)


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The Topfield is a really great pvr and gets good reviews down under, it can even be tweaked to record HD DTT broadcasts. However there's a BUT!

1. It will work here but has no mheg engine for the interactive services.
2. It does not use our EPG system.
3. Nobody sells it in the UK afik, you would have to buy from Germany.
4. It is quite expensive.

Inspite of the cost, if it had mheg and our epg, it would sell very well.

theo cupier

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I saw that the Humax 9000 was also available in Europe but they are delaying a UK launch (for no particular reason that I can see).

someone was selling a Euro 9000 on Ebay recently. Does anyone know what issues one would have using this in the UK? Are they the same as Ikki lists for the Topfield?


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Hi Theo, don't confuse any 9000 that you have seen with the proposed 9000T (or 9100T or 9200T which ever it is in the end). The machine that you are talking about (really the 9100) is actually a satellite pvr and quite different.

All Humax DVB-T / DTT / Freeview models have a T designation at the end of the number i.e. PVR8000T (UK Freeview), PVR8100T (European DVB-T).


I dont know about the 9000, but i just recently purchased a 9100 PVR unit to connect to my new 1.2 m dish.

Let me tell you , DO NOT BUY THIS UNIT YET ! !

Humax, as i found out 6 hrs after trying to operate the machine, did not test the units before selling them. There are many flaws in this unit for the twin lnb feed. What happens is when you connect the lnbs in the unit the machine mistakenly thinks that is a fixed dish and not a motoroised unit and doesnt turn the dish.

Humax say that they have just become aware of the fault and will soon be sending the software update out via satellite, they dont know when, becase there still making the software.

But on the whole the unit is a very nice piece of kit, quality is fantastic, record quality aswell and also ease of use.

Im just waiting delivery of my ne CAM ;)

theo cupier

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Thanks keyser & Ikki. I was being a little vague (ie plain inaccurate) about the model number.

Perhaps I should have said Humax 9nnna to be a bit more generic / algebraic about it. :D

It is a PVR-9100 on Ebay at the moment, which is the digital satellite version.

I was asking about the twin tuner, Freeview PVR, whatever model number that comes out as. By the looks of the note on their UK front page, that's the PVR-9200T, it's due for the 'middle of 2005' which is a bit different from 'end of 2004, early 2005' which they were quoting 9 months ago. Wonder what the problem is (other than QA across the entire range, by the sounds of keyser's post!)


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Rumour has it that they are re-engineering it with a CI slot for TUTV. How true this is, time will tell. :)


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Ikki said:
Rumour has it that they are re-engineering it with a CI slot for TUTV. How true this is, time will tell. :)

TUTV slot! coooooooooooooool :smashin:


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From Bluebear:

I upgraded the hard disk to Maxtor 120G.

Is there any special procedure to upgrading the hard disk size? Can I just put any hard disk in or is there a limit on size and/or speed (5400 v 7200rpm?).


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