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I have just bought and installed a Humax 1800T for some elderly relatives. As they have never experienced HD tv they are currently quite happy watching the SD channels. However, whilst setting up the box I was surprised that I couldn't tune in any HD channels at all - there was no signal level on any of the HD muxes. They receive tv from the Waltham Tx, and because of their position relative to other (local) transmitters I have always done a manual tune on their equipment. My initial mux listing used the following channel numbers:- 26, 29, 31 (HD), 37, 49, 54, 56, 57, 58 (HD). Upon investigating further I discovered a more up-to-date listing which gave:- 26, 29, 31, 32, 34, 35 (HD), 37, 55 (HD), 56 (HD). Neither list produced a signal level on any HD mux channel.

I am at a loss to know what do do next. Please can anyone cast any light on this problem?


Not sure if it's relevant for the 1800, but probably is. If you are manually tuning, have you switched the modulation type to T2 to 'look for' the HD channels?
The Fox T2 does two passes when auto tuning, the first to look for T modulation and the second for T2.
I'ts a fairly common mistake.


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Thanks TJT1 for that information. I didn't realise that, for a manual tune, I had to change the Transmission type to T2 on the Humax HDR 1800T. My experience is with the Humax HDR satellite box which of course sorts out any channel changes during overnight housekeeping. The Freeview side of my Sony TV also doesn't differentiate between SD and HD muxes when manually tuning, it just sorts it out. I will revisit my relative's STB, do a factory reset and try again once this hot weather cools down somewhat.

PS - I had the very devil of a job trying to find a definitive list of Waltham's Mux and Channel details. Some website's data is out of date, while others show what the line-up will be early next year. The most accurate information I found was on the Digital UK site.


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@TJT1 Just to let you know that everything worked as you described. Switching to DVB-T2 enabled me to tune in the HD channels properly. I didn't need to do a factory reset, just added the extra channels to the existing line-up.

So again, many thanks for your help.

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