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Hope all is well to all

I have a Dennon X2700 connected in a 7.2 setup
I have two subwoofers
One is a REL Qbass and the other is a KEF Kube 1-5

I was previously using Ground loop isolators on both subs but I noticed that the sound output would be drastically decreased
The one day on the KEF Sub it was humming with the isolator plugged in so after reading I grounded the KEF to the receiver that was an old Onkyo but now the Dennon and it was really great. No noise perfect
When I had the old receiver I noticed the sound output on the REL was low with the ground loop isolator but I thought it was normal until now
If there is no sound playing I can hear the hum/buzz, just the subwoofer cable is plugged in
If there is nothing connected to the subwoofer there is no hum/buzz
I am using a shielded subwoofer cable. I have placed an order for a new one that will be delivered next week but before I wait for that I wanted to post here for some help

Some things I tried did not help
I checked the screw to the ground of the RCA connector to check ground continuity with a multimeter and then I connected a bare wire from the screw hole to the receiver chassis screw hole and made no difference then i tried the ground screw on the back of the receiver. At this point, the receiver was off but plugged into the mains

I kept the bare wire connected to the REL and then touched the screw on the KEF but made no difference
I then tried the same bare and touched the screw on the Sky HD box and I heard a beating noise from the REL subwoofer. Every time I touched the bare wire to the screw on the Sky HD box it would make a beating sound/noise

I can't access the Sky dish or make any modifications on that side
The Sky coax comes down and inside but then is extended and goes into two, two-way splitters (eagle 2-Way Splitter 5-2400MHz). Two of the coax wires from one of the splitters goes to the Freesat connection on the TV and the other two from the other splitter goes to the Sky HD box
I used the bare wire that i connected to the REL and touched it on the Splitter and heard a beat coming from the subwoofer

I did some reading on this forum and people who have had similar issues recommended trying a cheater plug
Firstly I want to state that I don't want to use a cheater plug permanently and would prefer a solution without one.
Buying another subwoofer is out of the question
I took a kettle lead and removed the earth wire and then put the plug in an rcd breaker plug then I plugged this in without the bare wire touching anything and keeping the earth wire away from everything and the hum/buzz was near enough gone

Please can I get some help from this forum regarding this
Thank so much in advance, all

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