Huge Mistake? Newbie Help Please



We have been thinking about a Plasma for sometime and Ive been researching things for awhile. For our budget, the ideal purchase seemed to be the Panasonic Viera TH37PE30 as it fitted all our requirements, and had excellent reviews.

We went out to "do the deed" today, and my partner was talked into the Sony KEP42MI instead. I knew very little about this model and insisted on finding out more, but was over ruled and the dotted line was signed.

As I had misgivings, I asked if there was a cooling off period and there is - so I can ring them tomorrow and change it to the Panasonic.

Having browsed the forums and the net in general, I can find very little info (let alone reviews) on the Sony, whereas the Panasonic seems to be the model of choice for many of you. The overall impression I get from the snippets of info I found were negative about the Sony.

My gut feeling is to cancel the Sony (even my partner is having doubts know we are home), but would appreciate any advice from the experts.

I would be grateful for any replies.


PS...Classic today from a salesman in the Sony shop when I asked him to tell me about the KEP42MI. His reply? "Its a 42" Plasma Television" :D Gotta love em.


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If you are in any doubt as to whether you have done the right thing, then cancel tomorrow. You could end up regretting the purchase for years. Do some more research and then make a more informed decision.



You will probably find in the forums comments that Sony are not the best at making PLASMA's or LCD's. CRT's they are the best at. Also stories that they are pulling out of PLASMA too. I have a Pio 435FDE and now the 200 hours has gone by is blo*dy fantastic. Panasonics also seem to have very good feedback. Cancel the Sony and get the panny. Maybe your partner was going on the better reputation that public see of Sony over panasonic, just that its not founded where plasmas are concerned.



why exactly do you have reservations?

it would be mad to cancel and then launch into the panasonic blindly instead.

if youre in doubt, cancel - youve got nothing to lose really except a few days/weeks wait. then test the sets - the Sony and Panasonics are setup superbly in lots of shops, not least Sony and Panasonic Centres.

I for one can imagine a lot of people preferring the Sony.

I tested the Sony KE-P37M1 quite thoroughly as a bedroom set - in my opinion it is the best 37" plasma TV, and I much prefer it to a Panasonic Viera. Its picture is a lot better than the 42".

PS Don't be too hard on the Sony man - it could have been an LCD TV...or something!


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I believe you will find reviews on the Sony plasma on the Home Cinema Choice web site. I suspect you will find more than one review as this web site caters for five different magazines.
By all means cancel but I don`t think you said in your thread what you thought of the Sony compared to the Panasonic.
I also believe that the Sony you may have bought is not a new model and can be bought for a very reasonable price if you search around a bit.
What you should have asked the salesman in the Sony shop is "What is he doing selling Panasonic equipment ? ".


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superpixel said:
if youre in doubt, cancel - youve got nothing to lose really except a few days/weeks wait. then test the sets - the Sony and Panasonics are setup superbly in lots of shops, not least Sony and Panasonic Centres.
Never seen one set up properly in eother a [email protected] or a SONY CENTRE yet (these are just bought franchises for a specific manufacturer and nothing to do with the manufacturer of the products.......interesting you were considering a 37" Panny and went for a 42" SONY much more differnce than 5" in real terms.............

Questions you need to ask:
Do i get freeview where i live?
How far from the TV do I sit?
What is most important ? (Value for monay, Picture quality????)


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Hello all, I was out shopping in Nottingham (Not my home City) and wandered into John Lewis's, I saw a range of Plasma's, I'm on the lookout to upgrade and was astonished to see the Sony KEP42M1B looking stunning! It was playing the snow scene from Star wars. Compared to the Pioneer 435FDE the picture was outstanding, crisp, bright, almost zero pixelation. The images spoke for themselves. However, the fde seemed very dull even after playing with all the settings. I could go on... but the Sony was a suprise to me!


Ok, thanks for the feedback guys.

Just to clarify, the Panasonic wasnt in the Sony shop, we just went in there to see if they could give us more info on the KEP42MR1, being the "brand experts" :D .

In the store where they had the Sony and the Panny set up side by side, the picture from the Sony appeared far superior (which is what swung the decision by my partner). They also knocked a big chunk off the price which made it cheaper than the Panny by about £700 (for the 42" and only a couple of hundred more than the 37" Panny). We also have a Sony amp and home cinema system which it will be connected to...another small reason that my partner was swaying more towards the Sony.

Ive answered these questions as follows:

Do i get freeview where i live? Yes, but we have Sky (about to get Sky+, so Freeview isnt really much of an issue)
How far from the TV do I sit? Its a big room, so we can sit as far away as 3m if required.
What is most important ? (Value for monay, Picture quality????) Picture Quality.

Weighing it all up, Im thinking the Sony might be the right choice for us after all. None of you have come back and said its an outright lemon (which was my biggest fear!), so Im going to spend the next hour searching out some reviews and see what is the best choice for us.

I really appreciate the replies, and I think I will follow the main part of your advice - do some more research!

Thanks again.


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£700 cheaper :confused: Wow, can I ask how much you are picking the Sony up for ?

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