Huge in-game tour of "The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion" (Xbox 360)


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Remember to right click "Click Here" and then chose "Save target as".

(Source : ign.com)

Click Here Part 1 of 4 (Quick-Time) (54.9 MB)

Click Here Part 2 of 4 (Quick-Time) (92.5 MB)

Click Here Part 3 of 4 (Quick-Time) (78.3 MB)

Click Here Part 4 of 4 (Quick-Time) (34.4 MB)

(Source : xboxyde.com)

Click here Parts 1 to 4 in one file (.avi) (120.1 MB)


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Just shows how much more efficient WMV is, twice the resolution and the files are smaller! Just downloading the 640x320 WMV versions now....
There seems to be a lot more in game footage becoming available now for the 360, thank god for my 2MB broadband connection!


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It'll be interesting to see how the pc version compares.

I can't imagine even the latest pc can match the x360 version though. Most certainly not for £280 anyway.


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The videos aren't very good quality to be honest, the largest one shows the most promise but it's very dark and difficult to tell how good the graphics are to be honest (apart from the forest which is pretty impressive). Not one I'll be rushing out and getting anyway....


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No, me either. Morrowind was bloated, slow and took way too long to get into, by which time I was bored with it anyway.

Doctor Hades

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I downloaded the full 120MB 640x400 video from Xboxyde this morning and even at that resolution it's blatantly obvious that the textures, lighting and modelling are fantastically next-gen-ish and that video is months old and taken from the underpowered alpha development kit. The final version will be more polished and have better animation and a more stable framerate.

There is a 1.2GB DVD version of this demo available to download but the only site hosting it is Seedler.org and it keeps timing out when I try to download it. Does anyone know of anywhere else I can get hold of it. Thanks. :D


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You guys are crazy. Elder Scrolls IV is going to be amazing :D


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Ooooo ... this looks a great RPG .... cant wait :)

Really liked the physics model, looking forward to using it to get some sneaky kills :)


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The DVD version will probably be the same quality as the WMV version, or nearest to it as you can get for 120mb. Dont bother with the hefty download, it doesnt look that amazing quality wise.

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