Huge bug on Monitors XSX


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I’ve run into a problem with my Xbox series x and I think I found the source of the issue. My problem is whenever I set my monitor (MSI mag27qrf) to 1440p and 1080p 60hz or 120hz the list of issues start in every game:

Standard = washed out colors

Pc rgb = crushed blacks

Stuttering or hitching

Blur or overshoot (on whatever overdrive setting)

Inaccurate colors and degraded graphics ( looks horrible)

What I’ve tried to fix it:
Different monitors. (Odyssey g7- ASUS VG27AQ)
Different cables
Factory reset
Vrr on or off
And more

The only fix I found where it gets everything back to normal and improve everything is setting to 4K 60hz

I’m not sure about 4K 120hz because all monitors I’ve tried don’t support it and I’m not sure it’s a black level issue but because of how improved the contrast and color accuracy I assumed it is. It also might be an issue with frame timing on these resolutions.
I’ll try to upload a video on YT if I got requests and I’m not sure it will be visible on my iPhones cam

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