Hue Switch Alternatives


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Hey all,

I am in the process of converting all of the bulbs within the home to smart ones (Hue). Can anyone advise/recommend any alternative switches to the Hue Dimmer?

Particularly interested in a multi switch solution, I.E. for my Stairs/Landing, we have lights upstairs and downstairs, which currently have their own switches on a multi switch. Is there an option to have multiple switches (without multiple dimmers) or should I be resigned to having both up and downstairs lights on at the same time?


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Just get motion sensors and be done with it. Haven’t needed to touch the switches for our stairs / landings in years.

Can then program the sensors to turn only the required lights on / light levels for the given time of day


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You can control multiple lights with the dimmers.

If you use a 3rd party app for the programming you can get any button to do any function you want. Unfortunately this makes the labeling on the switch wrong. I resolved this with a Dyno label maker.

With a bit of thought in the programming the Hue dimmers are actually very flexible.

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