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I have a few Philips Hue lamps in my house. We are having our small garden landscaped. I am thinking of using the Philips Hue luminaires for the outdoor lighting in the garden.

I want to create a cycling affect, since it appears the Philips app doesn't do this, I have found the 'Hue Pro' app has a 'Lava Lamp' function. So I've downloaded that, and trailed the Lava Lamp on my existing Hue lamps, to quite a good affect.

Problem is when my iPhone screen (8) closes, the Lava Lamp affect stops changing colours. Not very good with apps, is there a way of stopping this happening? I've had no response from Hue Pro.


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I can't answer your question but I might suggest giving Hue Essentials a try.

It has custom effects you can create (and some preset ones as well) that can be stored and executed on the bridge. You can even program a dimmer button to run the effect and it all runs from the bridge without the app being needed if you want.



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Thanks. Can I create a cycling of all colours in this app, like the Lava Lamp affect with the Hue Pro?

You can create completely custom effects and choose your own colours and time delays, I'm not familiar with the lava lamp effect in Hue Pro but you could certainly create a cycling of all colours.


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Yes sorry, I must have missed the obvious mention of iPhone in the OP.

If you can borrow or have access to an android device you can store the effect on the bridge and assign it to a dimmer button, no need to keep using the Android device.

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