Hue disco lights - which app for 10+ lights in sync with music


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I have about 20 Hue colour lights I would like to have respond to music (e.g. like a disco). However I can't find any apps that are able to handle more than 10. e.g. ILightShow seems decent, but can only have a maximum of 10 lights responding at any one time, with the others just set as providing an ambient light. Similarly, other Hue apps I've come across seem to be similarly constrained to a maximum of 10 lights

Does anybody know of an app that can handle more than 10? that you'd recommend?

So far I have downloaded HueParty, Hue Music, ILightShow, OnSwitch, Lighter, HueDynamic, Thorlight, Hue Essentials, Jelly for Hue, Aura & IConnectHue - but none of them seem capable of having 10+ lights in sync with the music

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