Question Hue Bulbs Turning Off On Their Own !


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I’m having a problem to which I can’t find an answer

I have a Hue bridge, and four hue bulbs. Three of the bulbs are attached to a chandelier and one to a standard lamp. There are no dimmer switches involved. I have a number of other INNR bulbs in different rooms.

Each night at midnight the three chandelier bulbs turn off automatically, by themselves. The other Hue bulb and the INNR bulbs are not affected. What’s the problem?

The chandelier bulbs are in a room named Living Room and the bulbs are named TV1, 2 and 3 I’ve deleted and reinstalled the three hue bulbs in the chandelier via Alexa ‘Living Room - Lights Selected - Binned.’ The only two routines I have running at the moment is wake up and the sleep routine (bedroom - INNR bulb) and they are operating as expected. I’ve also deleted and reinstalled the bulbs via the Hue app

Even after the three bulbs were deleted and reinstalled the hue bulbs still go out at midnight

What’s going on and more important is there a fix. I understand I can factory reset the bulbs themselves, would that cure the problem or maybe create a bigger one?

Thanks for any advice you can offer


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Thanks guy for replies
The lights turn of at 20 seconds past midnight according to the iPad clock

Ive searched for routines in both the Hue App and the Alexa app but can’t see any. However, I had the app ‘We Hue,’ on my iPad sometime back but I had deleted it. I reinstalled it tonight and there appeared to be a few routines there so I deleted them. Will wait to see if that’s the problem

Keep your thoughts coming just in case


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I installed a thrid party Hue app on my PC and it messed up everything!
All my routines, lab controls even my zones. Lights going on and off willy nilly.
Total PITA!
Had to reset everything, makes me wish that the Hue hub had a backup function.


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I spent yesterday afternoon going over my complete system: Hue, Alexa, Bulbs my Hue Account in the cloud - don’t even know how I got there. By the end of the night, don’t ask me how, I finally got my problem sorted - midnight came, midnight went, twelve-thirty came and went. Problem solved
I flew by the seat of my pants but got there 😎

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