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'Er indoors' has a hudl2 and it connects to internet, downloads apps from google play store, anything wifi you'd expect it to do.
My hudl2 currently a wase of space, mostly use only camera now.
Have had problems which started with gapps stopped message and could not get rid of it so could not use the hudl. Forced to carry out factory reset which cleared it but in 1hour it was back same could not clear it. So another factory reset, total resets because of the message was 6. Fine that did it, did get it back once by could clear it...not seen it since..

But now an additional problem Er indoors hudl2, kindle fire hd, the PC and my phone all connect with no problem to the internet via the same router (house one).My hudl2 wont connect to any Wifi.
It goes in to my emails, after waiting 40secs but will not open a message. Sometimes it won't even do that sending message "offline" when I look it shows connected. I've entered google play store afer a load wait of 42 secs. Selected the app, I need to replace Copilotcaravan navigation, lost with 1st factory reset try to down load and small white window open with load circle turning then after aroud 30 secs Times me out. What could the problem be? I'm thinking on something on the hudl is not accepting the remote signals only guessing as I haven't a clue, when they talk about RAMS I think of male sheep. Many thanks for reading.

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