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Hi there, I hope everyone is safe, well and not losing the will to live given all this Covid-19 stuff.

Anyway, my reason for posting was I wanted to know was there a known way, to force the Super Hub to complete a firmware update. I’ve had mine for years now and it is still running the software it came with. I have accessed the hub via and there doesn’t seem to anyway to force a check for a newer version.

Having previously had a Linksys WRT32 router that had a DD-wrt firmware on it, I was hoping for a little bit more control of the functionality than what is currently available.

I am not expecting a homebrew firmware for the Hub 3.0 but just something a little newer given how old and lacking in features the current system is.

Any help and advice is warmly received thanks in advance.


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It will get a firmware update if VM push one out to it. Our Super Hub 2 is years old and I've never noticed it get a firmware update and there is no way to force it to manually check via the UI. I think the only way to force a VM Super Hub to check for firmware is to power it off for at least a minute and then when it's powered back on it will check as part of its boot up process.

I suspect providers like VM will only release firmware updates for high profile security issues or things like the Super Hub 3 Puma chipset issue, where firmware was released to try and alleviate this hardware problem.

Don't expect broadband providers to release feature updates for their supplied hardware, as that's not their market or business. Their devices are very much one size fits all and quite often built for them/rebadged by someone else. You need to get a third-party router if you want a richer feature-set and more regular updates.
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