Hub 3.0 and BT Mini Home Wifi


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Hi all,

I am looking for some help connecting the BT Mini Home WiFi to the VM Hub 3 with an ethernet backhaul.

Currently, the first disc is plugged in to the Hub (router mode, wifi disabled). The second and third discs connect to the first disc via wireless backhaul.

I would like to also plug the second disc to the Hub so that it is not relying on the wireless. However, when I do this, the disc goes from blue to red and no longer works.

I undersood that an ethernet backhaul is feasible with these discs, however, I cannot seem to get it to work. Does anyone have any experience in setting this up? Do I need to change the DCHP settings or provide a static IP?

Thanks in advance for your help


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With disc 2 in wireless connection...
Disc 1: (ethernet)
Disc 2:
Disc 3:

Connecting Disc 2 with ethernet, the IPs remain the same and I can ping all of them.

In the app, it shows the following...

On the web interface, the Kitchen also isn't listed, but it seems there are devices connected to it.
Is it just that the app/web interface is incorrect?
Thanks for your help


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I imagine your Virgin router is effectively on a separate network as it is also a router, so you cannot use another wired ethernet port on it to feed a second BT disc while your have the initial wired disc set up as a router too. If you set your Kitchen unit to use
a wireless connection then it may work as you would expect. Otherwise keep your VM hub as the router and set your BT discs to non-router mode (sorry, I don’t know what they call this mode as I have not used their system before), and all should BT discs should become visible.


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The telltale for that will be if the VM Hub (and any devices connected to it) and using a different IP subnet to the discs. (ie 192.168.X.Y - X is not 0.)

When ping testing, did you use a client attached to the discs or to the VM hub..? It would be worth testing both ways and comparing the results.

If all devices are on the same subnet, and all responding to ping, then it indicates they are all hooked up OK. (Though not necessarily that the the "bandit" AP is servicing clients.)
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