HTTP 403 [Forbidden] Error?


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Ive tried to download Firefox,Yahoo messenger& On Speed ,but I keep getting this message : HTTP403;Forbidden anyone know how I overcome this?. Thanks in advance .........Jim


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I am not surpised none answered my last thread [HTTP 403] Ive had Microsoft support trying sort it out their first suggestions have been useless after the first one I could not get back on the net so I had to back track to correct it ,so I ask again anyone have a clue why I get this message when I try to dowload programmes from some sites i.e. Yahoo messenger, morrilla Firefox & On Speed .. Thanks in Advance .... Jim


No need to go starting new threads however frustrated you are (& I'll bet you're pretty frustrated now :D).

OK, off to the MS Help site for info.

Try here for a start.

You give no information whatsoever, OS, IE version, DSL or 56k etc.......very hard to help.

If you've not done anything recently it may be your ISP's fault, using a proxy or whatever.

Update IE & come back with more info.

Best of luck :).



Do you have a firewall by any chance? if so try disabling that and see what happens...

There doesn't seem to be much on the MS KB or anywhere else that relates to the 403 error being a client/browser problem(unless you're attempting to browse directories on a web server), the majority of info is server related - probably because browsers only tend to get a '403 if a web server is configured incorrectly (or correctly depending which way you look at it!).

Kramer's suggestion of posting more info is def a good idea, his mention of proxy servers in particular is a good will often get this message due to the security settings on a proxy server. Check your IE settings under 'Tools>Internet Options>Lan Settings' and 'Tools>Internet Options>Settings'(next to the 'Dial Up settings'). If you see any ticks in any of the boxes next to anything to do with Proxy servers then remove them, close and restart IE and try again.

Oh, and I'd also be interested to hear what MS suggested that caused you to lose net connectivity, it might actually provide some pointers to help isolate the problem (and stop us suggesting the same thing!).



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Thanks for the replies guys ,
IE 6
Zone Alarm Pro
McAfee Virus
Alexs MS recommend Clean Boot.
1.Run msconfig.
2.Click on Startup tab click Disable all.
3.Click Services tab, click Hide All Microsoft Services,Click Disable All
if button is not grey.
4.Click O.K. and restart the computer to Selective Startup enviroment.
5.Click O.K.To reboot.
6.When you see the message,choose Dont show this message or launch the System Configuration Utility when Windows starts and click O.K.
7.Test wheter or not the issue still appears inthis enviroment.
They also suggested I delete Cookies ,Files , History,&Objects.
Uncheck all boxes in Lan settings ,on the Advaanced tab Restore Defaults,and clear check box beside "Enable third-party extensions.
Click O.K. to save.Then run Adware to check for spyware......Jim



A few questions:

1. What ISP are you using and what connection type do you have?

2. If you use an ADSL/cable connection do you use a USB modem or some other router/Network card system?

3. Have you contacted your ISP and mentioned this problem to them? - Again, (as Kramer suggested) if they are using some incorrectly configured proxy server this could cause the problem.

4. Have you tried disabling just Zone Alarm Pro and attempting a download?

5. When doing as MS suggested, did you notice any ticks under any of the 'Lan Settings' options?

6. Is it only downloading .exe files giving you a '403?

You do have some other options to try but they are a little drastic...I would leave them as a very last resort and make sure you create a system restore point before even thinking about trying them.

1. Reset IP in XP MS KB 299357 - In my experience this doesn't usually fix anything but it might be worth a shot. Open a command prompt and type 'netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt'.

2. See if anybody on here would be kind enough to export their XP winsock settings from their registry and post them up (I don't use XP...). I've seen about 3 XP machines loose browing ability due to screwed up winsock reg entries, but I must stress they COMPLETELY lost the ability to browse not simply get 403 errors so it could do more harm then good in your situation.



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Alexs, you may not be surpised to know that when I disabled Zone Alarm just for the downloads it worked a treat thanks ,now why couldnt the guy at MS suggest that after all he was getting info from my computer telling all about the OS etc ,anyway thanks
again .....Jim


You should configure your zone alarm for sites you wish to download from so you won't be forbidden again.

ZoneAlarm allows you to input sites and configure its settings and i'm surprised Microsoft didnt mention this.

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