htss2000 htsf2000 does anyone know a uk release date



I rang my local sony centre and they dont know when its going to be released .

seen very few references on the net but it appeared to be like the ss1000 but with assignable optical inputs which would suit my sky hd/ps3 requirements .


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nothing about it on sony uk's site yet.
and circuit city in the US,are saying its out of stock,due in next month(sept),so i would assume,maybe at the earliest,peobably end of year/spring.
the price they have for it is $399.99,so i would assume,that would mean about £400 for us in the UK.


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Was expecting this :)

Sony HTSF2000 Details
You might think you know what 'home theater system' means, but that will all change now that you have the Sony HTSF2000 at home. This 5.1 channel system features 3 HDMI connections, making it perfectly compatible with all your HD components — including Blu-ray® Disc — and Sony BRAVIA® Theatre Sync™, providing single button control of all connected BRAVIA compatible devices. HDMI 'Active Intelligence' technology optimizes connection and performance between all devices. Digital Cinema™ auto calibration ensures that you have the best possible acoustic environment in your living room. A digital signal processor and digital media port bring you the ultimate in connectivity to portables.
Output Power: 1000W
Decoding Processing: Dolby® Digital, Pro Logic®, Pro Logic® II/ dts®/ 96k/ 24-Bit PCM
Satellite Speakers: 4 Total/ 2 Front: Bass Reflex Enclosure, Magnetically Shielded, Bass Reflex/ 2 Rear: Bass Reflex Enclosure
Center Speaker: 1, Bass Reflex Enlosure, Bass Reflex
Subwoofer: 1, Bass Reflex Enclosure, Magnetically Shielded
Best Video Connections: 3 HDMI Inputs (Rear)/ 1 HDMI Output (Rear)
Digital Audio Connections: 1 Coaxial Input (Rear)/ 2 Optical Inputs (Rear)
Other Connections: 1 Digital Media Port (Rear)
Control System:3 Analog Audio Inputs (Rear)
Remote Control: Included
Portable Audio Enhancer
LPCM 2CH/5.1CH Through HDMI
Audio Modes: 13, Movie (3)/ Music (4)/ A.F.D. (5)/ 2-Channel (1)
Power Requirements: AC 120V, 60Hz
Power Consumption: 165W (In Operation), 0.3W (In Standby)
AM/FM Tuner Frequency Range: AM 530-1,710/ FM 87.5-108.0 MHz
Station Presets: 30 AM, 30 FM
Antenna Terminal: AM Loop
Dimensions (Inches): 2.6H x 16.9W x 13.1D (Receiver)/ 48.4H x 11.8W x 11.8D (Front And Rear Speakers)/ 3.3H x 9.8W x 3.5D (Center Speaker)/ 12.6H x 7.7W x 15.7D (Subwoofer)
Weight (Pounds): 7.9 (Receiver)/ 1.3 (Front And Rear Speakers)/ 1.5 (Center Speaker)/ 12.3 (Subwoofer)


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I was just about to order the HTSS1100. Can someone explain the main differences between this and the HTSS2000. The HTSS1100 is now under £200, so what benefits do you get for the extra £150+. Thanks Kevin:smashin:


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It accepts 1080p and the 1100 does not. It also has 3 hdmi in so an extra device can be connect im sure others will add the other advantages but the ones i mentioned are most important to me.:smashin:

If i was to import the USA version would it work okay with PAL and would there be any differance with UK spec when it arrives.


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you would need a transformer,step down,i think,amongst other nuances.
one of which would be cost,postage,and customs..put all 3 together,and that would totally negate any difference in price from the states to here.


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you would need a transformer,step down,i think,amongst other nuances.
one of which would be cost,postage,and customs..put all 3 together,and that would totally negate any difference in price from the states to here.

Transformer wouldnt be such a problem but warrenty would be but i can stilll see no sign of this unit going on sale hear yet. I may wait a little longer.:boring:


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well you would have zero warranty,and the price would be offputting,with its additions.
im also sure,that a transformer may interfere with the audio output as well,and may add noise,or buzz to its output.


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Since this unit doesn't, as far as I see, come with a DVD player built in what one might be best, other than Blu-Ray?


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any one you fancy.
its you that will use it,so you might as well look around and pick one.
cheap or expensive,its up to you.
do you want scart,hdmi?
do you want upscaling,or just plain dvd flavour?


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Link still saying pre-orders being taken,
Anybody recieved one of these yet or have any news?


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Does anyone know of any other online retailers who have stock of this or will be stocking this before christmas ? many thanks in advance


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thats short for "we dont know when we will have it,or when it is coming into stock.".


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Does anyone know why this product is not available in other stores, or internet sites, other than Cheap Electricals. I've never shopped with them so don't know whether they're any good or not.

I've searched the web lots, but to no avail. I have telephoned my local Sony store and they can order it in, but it's £100 more expensive than Cheap Electricals. If it's available to get why isn't it on Sony's website and why aren't other outlets selling it at the moment. Very Strange.

Any ideas?

Cheers in advance


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I've spoken to Sony UK and as usual they know nothing about this product, but then you only get a pleb reading from their own intranet directory. I also fired off two very frustrated emails to their consumer department, but to no avail as yet!!!!! :suicide:

I've also emailed two companies from the states as to why they mention they will 'ship anywhere in the world' - EXCEPT the UK!!!!

Thirdly, I've emailed a colleague in the US to find out how much it would be to have it shipped from the US by him, as it can be purchased for $369 (£180) which if the shipping isn't outrageous could be cheaper than the eventual UK selling price, if it EVER materializes here.

So now I have done that and got it off my chest, I have pretty much decided to buy either the Toshiba HD-EP30 or the Samsung BD-UP5000 players over the Sony BDP-S300 I just need to find a suitable 5.1 Surround System to partner.

As someone has already mentioned it, does anyone know the name of the Samsung system????


Was going with all Sony products but because of their ineptness I will now be going elsewhere.

But will let you know if I hear back via email re the Sony stuff.


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Official news from Sony, well, some bod at Sony UK anyway with a reply to my email asking about a release date.

Thank you for your recent enquiry and interest in Sony products.

In response to your query, I can confirm that each Sony Marketing Company decides in advance which products they will sell, based on local market trends. However, no detail of the products to be launched nor their specifications are made available (to Sony customer services or consumers) before their launch.

It is therefore with regret that I am not able to provide any information on this product at this time, but should we launch this product in the future details will be posted on our website, <> .

I apologise for the disappointment this response may cause.

Yours sincerely

Remi Majaro
Customer Information Centre

In other words they don't have a flicking clue. Typical. :thumbsdow

The only thing I can suggest is that if anybody wants one, to submit an online enquiry from the UK website and the more they get the more they might decide to release these here.

I emailed a company in the US who are selling the SS2000 for £160 ($339) but you would need a 'step down' voltage converter for the required wattage which would cost £45-50 plus it's a great big lump of a brick then there's the shipping costs and possible Customs duty if it gets held up at the port.

Blydi manufacturers, what I want to know is how did WHF S&V get any details about it in the first place. I'll be sending them an email shortly. :mad:


I believe that my previeous thread on this forum is based around this speaker system.

The system i was asking about was the...

Sony HTD870RSF home cinema kit with speakers and 160gb HDD recorder

Which form what i can tell, correct me if i am wrong, consists of two products, the:

htsf2000 = speakers and amp

ss-msp = Dvd hardrive recorder

All set up in one nice package not bad for only 140 more pound (thats on that site)

I called up the Sony center and they have it on there system, and i can buy it for 680 pound, 80 more then on that

so i presume if its only the speakers and amp you after if you call up a compitent Sony Center they should be able to see it on there system.

Id like to know tho how good are these speakers, the connectavity of the amp seems ideal for me, just wondering if the speakers will live up to that or should i just stick to my MISSION's.


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Just got this from WHF S&V although the price is too extreme as you can get the player on it's own from £244.

But I'm sure once this product is out there the prices will tumble dramatically as they did with the player. Interestingly it's only partnered with the HT-SF2000 surround package so no idea yet about the SS2000.

We're finally getting somewhere though, even if it's through persistence.


I'll try and post more when I have further news.

Have since spoken to Komplett and they are getting their purchaser to look into the separate items probably with an answer tomorrow.

The product is coming from Holland and quite possibly Germany as well, so as soon as there out there, get your euros ready.

I certainly won't be buying it for that price though, fell off my chair laughing. Go figure!


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I've just had this system delivered to me this week from Amazon. I was on their notification list so I got it pretty quick.

It's a fab system, the sound is amazing. I have it hooked up to my PS3 and Sky HD, via HDMI, and it's just so cool. It's good to have audio and video via a HDMI.

The only problem I had was that the speaker cable to the surround speakers were too short. I haven't a huge room, the wire just goes along the skirting but I have a couple of alcoves to go around. My other Sony system was fine!
I phoned Sony to ask if there's an extension they could sell me but apparently they don't do it, so i just attached my old wires to it. Not great but at least it works.

All in all it's cool looking system and worth having a look at.

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