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Hi All,

Well at last I now have my 40W4000, and I have finally hooked up my HTPC to it. After a bit of messing around, I now have it at 1:1 pixel mapping, but I definatly need to somehow calibrate

it. I was thinking about using an eyeone monitor calibrator from work. Is this a good idea?

Also Since I have the screen at 1920x1080/24p the text is a bit too sharp. Is there a way of making it look nicer. I was thinking about making it larger, but the large seems to be too large, and

the normal too small. is there a way of doing an inbetween size?

Also.... I am after a passive heatsink for my 4200 X2 CPU. Can anyone recommend one? It has to fit in a Silverstone LC17.

Also..... At the moment If I try and play a DVD or MKV via Zoom Player, no sound happens, but if I change to 60hz, sound is ok. Is there a programme that automatically changes the hz

setting within XP with a certain programme. For Example PowerDVD would be 24hz, and Zoom Player (or any other programme to play upscaled DVD's or non 24fps source) can switch to

60hz. It is the kind of thing the the PS3 does..

Also...... when I chose 24hz in the monitor setting on XP, the only option is 24hz Interlaced. Is this correct to get 24p playback?

Thanks guys. Thats all....... for now.......

Nick B

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