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HTPC with PJ and Home Theatre Package

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by Ch!lledBudwei2e, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. Ch!lledBudwei2e

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    Oct 2, 2005
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    Wondering if someone could help me sort out some new hardware I'm thinking of buying in term of being able to connect it all and how!

    Currenlty have :
    My HTPC which is currently using a S-Video and a SPDIF straight into a 32" Toshiba.

    Now I'm looking at purchasing Epson TW10H , which would be connected via the VGA or a DVI if it has one

    And a Denon DHT-500D Home Theatrer Package

    This is were I'm a little lost at how all this would be connected!

    Is it possible to connect this all and how would I go about doing so!

    Many thanks and so sorry for what I'm sure will be a simple solution, and also for posting it in another section ( I need to order these items pretty soon due to house moving ).

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