HTPC with Hitachi 32PD3000 : how to feed with native resolution ?



Hello everyone

I am struggling to set my HTPC with the best resolution for my PD3000 display.
It is plugged to the VGA port on the AVC unit.
My videocard is an ATI 9100 IGP. In 800x600 or 1024x 768 it works fine but I want to prevent double scaling (PC+screen).

When I set the 852x512 res in Powerstrip the screen scales to a lower resolution and shows an extended desktop. :nono:
In 852x1024 no image appears (just some weird stuff).

I've seen many threads discussing what would be the best resolution for this screen but none actually seemed to have a solution:suicide: . Now has anyone succeeded in feeding this screen with native resolution ???

It seems possible as the manufacturer of Pixel Perfect video cards claims their material does it.

Thanks for your help


Funny that the exact same question came up on a french forum today as well, if you're the poster there then ignore this below: ;)

I've recently downloaded the Hitachi PD3000 User Guide, in the PC Window section there's a table listing all the resolutions supported via the VGA port - and guess what?

The display's native resolution 852x512/1024 is NOT available for that input - while all standard VGA/SVGA/XGA/... are.

Well, manuals can be faulty and maybe someone has a solution to this issue, but it really looks as if this is a "feature" of the PD3000! :(


Same poster indeed (Widescreen).

I've read a lot on this forum about what would be the best resolution for Hitachi Alis displays. There seems to be a consensus on the 852x512 for 32PD3000 and 1024x512 for the 42PD3000. However, no one clearly said he succeeded in feeding a 32PD3000 with 852x512. So I'm still wondering if there is a way to use non standard resolution.

Any success among 32PD3000 users ?


I e-mailed Hitachi for an answer to my question, here's what they replyed :

"The native resolution of the panel is, as you say, 852 x 1024. We have worked with Imagine graphics to write drivers for this and they are incorporated in the Imagine Graphics cards K2 or later. As far as I am aware no other card actually gives this resolution but some give 848 x 480 or 852 x 480 which may be OK. Generally if you are not using an Imagine Graphics card I would suggest running at 800 x 600 or you can try 640 x 480 and then push the 16:9 button on the remote to select PC Real. This is only available at this resolution and the picture will look excellent but it does not fill the screen. Hope this helps. "

Actually I tryed 848x480 because it is supported by my radeon. Result : looks like crap. It's even hard to see the characters. Strange because the image doesn't fill the whole screen, so I assumed it would use the actual pixels while giving up 4 horizontally and 32 vertically. Looks like the scaler is confused, probably because it is has no programmed mode for this resolution.

Any news on somebody's side ? Any sucess connecting a PC to an Alis display in native resolution ?

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