HTPC to VP best connection / signal?

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    I am in the process of building a HTPC for every day use, has anybody got recomendations for the best output to use feeding an external scaler (DVDO HD+)?:confused:

    I had intended to incorporate SDI output using a Xcard board & SDI slave output but this has two problems, GB-PVR software that was thought to be still compatible with the Xcard crashes whenever I try and play files. Even if I resolved point one, I now know that the polarity of the SDI signal that the Xcard produces is the wrong for the HD+ which does not have a selection option.:thumbsdow Workstation graphics cards with SDI outputs are very rare and expensive.

    I have an SDI arrangement working from my DVD player to much sucess in terms of picture quality.

    The HD+ does not accept 576i via DVI. I've tried (briefly) different DVI resolutions (576p, 720p &1080i according to the Nvidia Quadro card) which the HD+ should accept & process, resulting in varied pictures.

    In all cases the VP has just 'passed through' the signals and the display has either large borders around the image or the image is enlarged by a large order (approx. x2? both vert & horizontally, top left corner only visible).

    Has anyone got a full set of output parameters working for a PC into a scaler?:lease:

    Any comments would be appreciated.

    Ian T.

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