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I have built a HTPC for watching tv shows and hd content on my samsung 37" monitor. Its great for doing that, and i use it occasionally for a quick browse of the web. When doing so, its not ideal but i increase the font sizes so i can see without straining too much. But looking at the desktop (even with large icons and fonts) can be a strain on my eyes from the sofa on other side of the room.

So can anyone advise me of any software that lets you do things like view my shared files on my local network, open firefox for the internet, generally view media in a chunky format so i can see it properly? Does anything exist like this? Perhaps not! Any suggestions are most welcome through.


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I would like an answer to this too. I dont think there is and worse, increasing the size of the text in webpage does not increase the frames and borders and the internet becomes unusable.


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Ctrl ++ Incrrease the text size easily in Firefox, which often makes the difference when reading at a distance.

Other than that you need a media centre front end of which there are many - but they are media mangers and viewers, not operating systems with large text,

Windows Media Centre
Media Portal

..they're the popular ones - but remember the intended purpose and don't expect it to be able to re partition a hard drive or something using it.

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