HTPC software for multiple tuners...


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I'm just about to start a project to build a htpc with multiple tuners. What I want is this :

2 x freeview tuners
1 x digital satellite tuner

Ability to use Poor Man's Cam.

I don't mind if the cards are usb, as I believe the pci bus may have difficulty coping with all those cards, but the problem I have is software. Most of the software I've looked at will only support one card at a time (My Theatre, TVEdia, etc), or if it does support more than one card, they need to be of the same type. I see that a reelbox supports all this stuff, so I may have a look at the software they are using, but it's linux, and I'd rather get something in windows if I can.




Shoulod do it all for you, although I know they had some problems with softcsa but poor mans cam should still be functioning, multiple tuners ok, open source, ok, runs on windows, ok...

hope this helps


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thanks !! looks very interesting. I'm going to give it a bash, and hopefully it'll do everything I want
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