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Apologies if this should be in the "Remote Controls" section, but I wasnt sure where to put it?

Im in the final stages of determining my hardware requirements for my HTPC build, and am now just thinking about the remote control.

What remote do you guys use?, and im unsure of exactly how they work, for example if you press the "STOP" button (when watching a DVD say) does the remote just send a keystroke to the PC which is mapped accordingly in MediaPortal to take the appropriate action, im at a bit of a loss.

Im considering ordering a Logitech Harmony One to control all my devices (TV, HTPC, AV Amp, Skybox), but want to weigh up my options before I commit myself.

I think a lot of what the harmony does is redundant in the world of HTPC, ie to play a DVD you can make the harmony switch on the DVD Player, Turn the TV on and to the correct input, Turn amp on and to correct input, press play on DVD player. This is not required (at least in my setup - I think), as the HTPC will be connected to the amp, which in turn will be connected to the TV, nothing will need to be turned on/off or inputs switched etc... (as far as I can tell anyway)

Also, it would be nice to have a remote to have some buttons (other than the normal, play, ffwd, stop, 0,1,2,3,4 etc...) to assign some things such as lip sync +/- 5msec etc...

Can anyone help me try and make some sense of this.

Also, on a bit of a side-note, im sure there is a guide I read about controling sky from your htpc (do I need an IR Blaster ?), could any one point me to the guide?

Sorry for so many questions, and as ever, very grateful for your help.
I think it depends on your choice of case. I have the Zalman, which comes with a decent remote, but uses the iMon software to control it, as the Zalman case uses the iMON OEMLCD device.

I can map keys in iMon to my remote (for example the all important (imho) stop being bound to Alt+F4 in KMPlayer), and have been very happy so far with it, but not yet configured my Harmony 525 with it.

If you go for the another case without IR device and remote, you may be using the MCE remote and USB IR reciever, and hopefully someone will answer your questions on that.


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I may consider the vave100 when available, as I think it would suite me well.



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