HTPC remote control software/hardware?


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Hi all :)

I've just started researching how to remote control my PC to play my video collection on the TV and I'm guessing that installing MCE will be a good idea to start off with but must admit to the whole area being a bit confusing at first glance.

Currently I'm using WinXP and manually mounting images of video content with Daemon Tools and then playing them with zoomplayer or powerdvd. The PC is in the same room as the TV and they're connected via S-VHS and audio leads. My graphics card is an X800 Pro ViVo and the TV has video passthrough so theoretically I should be able to record direct from the TV to the PC as well as pushing content to the TV.

For playback I'd like to be able to have a menu of video content from the PC displayed on the TV and then be able to pick and choose from my armchair using a remote control. Of course the software in-between would have to automount DVD images etc. After a bit of Googling I've discovered software such as MediaPortal and Girder but dont want to jump in with both feet without sounding it out with the people in the know.

Oh, I'm running Sky+ so if theres any way to integrate that into the bargain (perhaps even using a product similar to IRman) then that would be even better. I'm assuming that a lot of you have found solutions to the problems of remote controlling a PC via the TV and a remote control? I'd love to hear your recommendations.

Thanks - Paul


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Big question Paul ;-) I've 'used' them all, deinstalled some of them almost immediately...And hate to admit, but the Microsoft XP Media Center Edition is by far the best for every day use where you just want to use it as an appliance instead of tweaking...

Remote control...well there are various options...I use iMon as that was part of my LC16M case and I didn't want any external receivers cluttering up the space...Very flexible and works, but I don't like the remote control itself...So I am not teaching my Pronto...


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Thanks dejongj. So let's say I go with MCE :-

1. Am I right in thinking it has a media library that's accessible via an on-TV-screen menu and controllable with MS's own remote control?

2. If so then I guess the next step is to find out if I can use Daemon Script to add entries to the MCE menu?

Finally (ok maybe a bit optimistic there ;)) is there a way to use my Sky+ remote control instead for basic Up/Down/Select/Back functionality? If so, what would I need?

Thanks again.


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Deamon tools, just presents them as discs to the system...So yes that should work...

Don't think you could do that with the Sky remote control....but I don't know....

To get an idea about the functionality, there is a fully functioning demo on go to Windows, then Media Center Edition and select demos...

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