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HTPC power amp & Dual Sat Card, Conundrum


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I'm putting together my first HTPC system and having trouble selecting an appropriate sound card and Satelite receiver.

I was hoping there is a way to run my 5.1 speakers direct from my HTPC without running them through an AV Amp.

As far as the TV card goes, Im after a HD dual satalite card any suggestions, and what slot would be appropriate (i.e PCI or PCIexpress), as i might intend on purchasing a further graphics card (PCIex16).

This is my system choice so far -

Silverstone lc17 Case
Asus M4A78 Pro Mobo
AMD Athlon 64 x2 4850e
2x 2gb Ram
Sony Blu Ray player
500w quiet Psu

If anyone has any suggestions I'd be most grateful.

Many thanks
(First time poster!)


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I was hoping there is a way to run my 5.1 speakers direct from my HTPC without running them through an AV Amp.
The only real solution I have seen to this is the MSI DIVA ?? but I am not entirely convinced as to how good it would be.

Given the noise and space inside a HTPC this is not the ideal place for a power amp. Also driving 5x100W speakers needs a fair amount of power.

Mark Pitchford

Active Member
It really depends on your speakers...

If they're Active (have their own amplification on-board) then yes you can run an analogue cable straight from a soundcard into the back of the speaker.

If they are not active then you'll need to amplify the signal before it hits the speaker.

as far as tuners go - I would go for a PCI-e card - much more future proof, and the majority of modern motherboards have more PCI-e slots than normal PCI. A tuner shouldn't need much bandwidth so could be placed in any slot on the board.

I hope this helps...
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Hi guys thanks for the help,

I've gone ahead with the original mobo, as the MSI Diva did not do hybrid Xfire. I'll just locate a set of powered 5.1 speakers.

As for the Tuner I'm going for a PCIe dual satallite card.

Next OS choice.... and media program....

Watch this space!

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