HTPC or a WDTV Live hub etc?


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I am TRYING to decide what to buy but every time I come on this forum I get another idea :rolleyes:

Basically I want something which I can play DVD/BluRay films on/via and maybe show some pics on it once in a while. It would also be handy to use it as a backup location/NAS type device so I can save a copy of the data off my PC and the girl friends laptop.

Now, I was leaning towards the idea of the WDTV Live hub as this isn't silly money and it seems to meet my needs........ then........ I went reading through the network media player section and started to get idea's of getting a popcorn hour C-200, mainly because it has the option of adding a HD drive and/or a BluRay drive (I don't currently have a BluRay player) but this is a bit pricey?

Then I started reading in here :D and am now getting sucked in to the HTPC route and looking at getting one of the HP Micro Servers as they seem a good price if I get one before the end of the month due to the offer they have.

Getting one of these micro servers doesn't seem such a bad idea as your not so limited me thinks, compared to one of the dedicated devices? I could then load W7 and XBMC or something on it and also RAID the disks?

Any of you guys/gals on here owned either/or/both and can comment/recommend which way to go here, before I lose even more hair trying to decide? :rotfl:

Any advice much appreciated!
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