HTPC memory/graphics problem


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Hubby decided to upgrade the memory in the pc over the weekend. He didnt realise the pc was in a sleep state when he took the memory out. When he tried booting up it sounded ok but we had no picture. After trying different things he decided to clear cmos (gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H) . The picture then came back.

What happens now and again is the picture will not come back on after coming out of sleep mode or switching inputs on the tv and going back again.
So I compleltely power off the pc using the power button and when it evenutally comes back on the resolution has changed to basic 800x699 :eek:

Could the graphics driver have corrupted somehow when the memory was swapped over?

It was all working perfectly until the momory swap.

Shall I just try reinstalling the Ati graphics driver
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