HTPC+LMP case (say something)

Walter mitty

Standard Member
WOW WOW WOW........

Guess who`s won the LMP case then......

I just cannot believe it

Tim Cooper

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Wait til you see it.....i don't think you will be disapointed:D
Well done enjoy.

Walter mitty

Standard Member
Oh thanks,

I`m dead excited and he`s giving me the Pioneer dvd with it, I just cant, wait nor can I believe my luck.

I`m going to transfer everything over as soon as I get it so I will post details when it`s done


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....And I thought you might not want it and would pass it on to a deserving cause...;) :D

I won Amelie on DVD over at DVDReviewer a while ago, and was dead chuffed - first thing I'd won since I was about 8.


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The last thing I won was book tokens I think I was about 8/10 as well, I found out about them after my brother had spent them, (All our initials are A.P.) so I sort of let him off. I am now 43 and still remember those tokens.
I am getting great pleasure out of Walter’s excitement. What will the next compo be?
You tell me and I’ll run it in the new year.

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