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I have the HTPC hooked up to a Samsung 40"LCD 16:9 Aspect Ratio High Definition TV Ready (720p, 1080i).

When I had connect anolouge (D-sub?) I could have it at 1366 x 768. No problems at all, but when i changes to DVI(pc) to HDMI(lcd) the resolution got all messes up. Windows cant put inn the right resolution any more. The pc also show reolutions that the LCD tv cant give :/

Please help.. its so lame using the D-Sub when you have DVI and HDMI.

The GFX card is : 7800GT with Microsof mediecenter


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no solution that i know of, just use the d-sub, its very decent quality anyway.

plus ya can save the HMDI for another source now...


Have you told the nvidia software that you are connecting to an HDTV?

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Do remember that HDMI is a HDTV style connection not really designed for Pcs. Quite often this kinda thing happens that certain connections dont offer the same possible resolutions.

Try 720p with and without Overscan (see graphic options)
Try 1080i (1920x1080 but ensure is set to INTERLACED, again see graphic options)


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If it's anything like the 32inch one the it won't accept 1360 * 768 through hdmi only through the vga input.


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