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Hi everyone.

I've been thinking about getting a flatscreen, either LCD or Plasma for the last few months and I'm currently leaning towards the Panasonic PX70/PH9 plasma at the moment, either TV or panel I'm not sure at the mo.

I am also speccing up a nice PC to act as my HTPC and gaming rig, it will be Core Duo and Nvidia 8800GTS I think, in a tower case as aesthetics aren't too important and I want something I can have more than 1 x 5.25" drive in.

My questions are;

1) How good are plasmas for gaming, FPSs like Counterstrike for example, and

2) will it be a good panel for watching DVD and HD-DVD/Bluray via the HTPC, once the prices come down a bit for the drives of course!!

I will be buying the panel in about 4 months time when I move house so the current new out, high price models may be more affordable by then.

Thanks :thumbsup:


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If you are planning on doing a lot of gaming on your plasma then I would highly recommend a demo first because of the green fringe issue.(search the forums its discussed a lot, to do with the phosphors that produce green on plasmas)

It isn't so noticeable on a lot of games, but any with areas of high dark/light contrast that involve fast panning (this would be most fps games) and the problem becomes very noticeable.

I have a panasonic plasma and I couldn't recommend them more highly for blu ray etc and normal tv viewing, but for games I think its best to check how much you notice the green fringe issue before parting with your cash


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Hey thanks for that, I would no doubt notice the green tinges as I play a fair amount of Counterstrike.

Oh well back to square one :)

It's either green tinges on plasmas or ghosting on LCDs, well that leaves RPTVs and they certainly have their own set of problems!!

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