Question HTPC for 4K HDR10. Motherboard and CPU decision misery.


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ok. thought now i have a 4k hdr10 dolby vision tv id rebuild my server as a dual duty HTPC. But non of the reasonably priced Z490 motherboards have HDMI 2.0. I could use a DisplayPort to hdmi adaptor, but these seem to get hot and die if not good quality. And this machine will be on encoding for days sometimes, although the TV will be off.

my current server is:
Intel 6100t with 2x 4tb nas drives setup as a raid 0 and raid 1. So I have 2 drives effectively from one pair. One for media the other for important data.

i thought AMD 3400G but id have to redo my raid, and im not sure AMD's implementation would support 2 different raid types on 2 drives.


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The obvious solution would be to buy a graphics card, unless I'm missing something.


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I've no idea about passive/lower end cards as I run a high end gaming GPU, but modern PC components are much more energy efficient these days plus you can also put the PC to sleep/hibernate when not in use. However if you're doing something as high(ish) power usage as encoding for days then idle GPU power usage is pretty much irrelevant?


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I don't own one so couldn't comment on that.

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