HTPC controlled via bluetooth\IR\wireless ?


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Dec 11, 2002
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The Netherlands

I have a HTPC that is located in an adjacent room to my living room (where I have a projector setup etc). I want to control this PC from the living room which is divided by a thin wall. Do any of the current bluetooth,RF mice/keyboards have enough range for this. I sit about 5-8m away from the PC. Any help/advice would be appeciated.

many thanks


Note: Part of the wall has an old door which is no longer used so some cables can be placed under this as there is a little gap. So maybe I could use an IR transmitter. I am not sure how good these are for range line of sight etc.
My brother uses an ir keyboard/mouse with a keene repeater to take the signal through the wall into a cupboard where the equipment resides.
Get a Gyration Ultra Pro suite (Keyboard and Mouse) - mine has a range of about 30metres including through some stud walls.

Bit pricey though at about £200 for the pair.
I have a similar set up. I can control my PC from any position in my living room, and the PC is in the spare room approximately 10m and two (hollow) walls away.

I'm using a Logitech DiNovo Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combination. This too is a bit pricey but I find it ideal for my HTPC.

I've also got a Logitech 2.4GHz joystick and 2.4GHz gamepad and had no problems with either of these, even though the stated range is only 5m!

Of course, this is no guarantee that these will work in your environment.

Many thanks for the info/help. The only problem with the gyration and Logitech is that they are a little over my budget at the moment. I have seen that microsoft and logitech both do a cheaper blutooth model


Here in Holland the Microsoft one is the cheapest around 110 euro (about 75 pounds).

Deos anyone have experience of any of these items.

many thanks

The non-pro Gyration models can be found for about £75.
It's a really good system.
The non-pro states a range of up to 8m - I would give it a go.
I just thought that I would let everyone know that I finally settled on the Logitech MX bluetooth desktop. I managed to pick it up for around £90, which was in my budget. This also gives me the possiblity of using other bluetooth devices in the future.

I can report that it works very well for watching DVD movies and web surfing. The next test will be playing an on-line game or driving simulation etc. Just to see how the response is.

many thanks to all who replied to my question etc.



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