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    Folks, I'm new here and to the HTPC world and to some extent av as well. I used to be interested many years ago and I'm trying to get upto speed again.

    I'm moving home shortly and we have one room which we plan to have as a home cinema room and also contain most of the equipment, the signal from which will be distributed to the rest of the house.

    My question is related to the connections for a HTPC, I plan to use a TiVO, SKY digital box, VCR, PC DVD drive with Sweetspot/XCard combo and an A/V receiver and hook it up in the following way,

    Connect VCR and Sky box to the TiVO,
    TiVO to the A/V receiver,
    A/V receiver to the Sweetspot
    PC DVI connection to Plasma/Projector - have not decided yet!

    In this way I'll be able to , watch TiVO recordings, use the PC DVD for watching DVD's and use the bypass functions on the TiVO to watch SKY and VCR

    I'm assuming to get audio from the PC for DVD playback I'll have to pass a connection back from the PC to the A/V Receiver.

    I suppose I have two questions,

    Firstly have I got the equipment connections right that I've listed above?

    Secondly what form does the connection take for audio from the PC back to the A/V Receiver

    Thanks for the help in advance
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    Best results are achieved by feeding the sweetspot with RGB, i don't think there is and amp that switches RGB so this is best done direct to the card.
    You could use s-video switched through the amp for VCR/sky+ and then to the sweet spots second input
    Not sure what the Tivo has as outputs?
    Sound from the pc, either analogue 5.1 or 7.1 and SPDIF from a sound card like the M-Audio Revolution direct to the amp.

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