HTPC connected to Denon / Yam AV Amp - overkill??


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I currently have an old (7yrs!) Yamaha RX-V592 RDS and it's time to upgrade as it has (only) Dolby Prologic.

My setup is:
Yamaha RX-V592 RDS (to be replaced !)
HTPC media system with Nebula DigiTV, which is used for playing CDs & DVDs. :cool:
Kef 2005 5.1 Eggs

All my music albums are on the HTPC as MP3s (recorded @ 320 VBR) (audiophiles stop cringing! :eek: )
Radio will be played as internet streamed stations / stations on Nebula TV card.
The HTPC will be connected to the Amp via a SPDIF connection, letting the Amp do the AC3/DTS decoding for DVDs
Everything will go through the AMP (Digital / Analogue TV)

I'll be using the Amp for watching / listening to the TV, digital TV, radio, MP3s and DVDs (phew)

So to the question - is the Denon 2106 / Denon 1906 (which have RDS), or the Yamaha 757SE overkill for this setup and does anyone else have a PC connected to these amps?


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Why do you think that it might be overkill?

I use a Denon 3802 and a couple of power amps. The PC connected to this is only used as an MP3 jukebox, as I find video from a PC takes too much faffing about.

The amps are used for everything, including basic TV viewing. The TV speakers are disabled in the setup menu.

IMHO, a 1906 (or similar) is the absolute minimum for watching TV. To me, the sound is as important as the pictures.


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Oscarp said:
All my music albums are on the HTPC as MP3s (recorded @ 320 VBR) (audiophiles stop cringing! :eek: )

:suicide: you could at least have used WMA Lossless!!!!

heh..couldnt resist,

you can certainly happily enjoy sound thru the amp in to some speakers from your for video, well, s-video can be a bit crap.....but if you got a graphics card and an adaptor to component for it then its not too bad usually....

or do u not need the video thru the amp? does it go direct from PC to a monitor/display?


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hmmmm - WMA Lossless for 200 CDs.... :rolleyes:

Video is sorted - I have VGA-SCART RGB for the TV signal, its just the sound that needs the work on.....

Found a 757 for £324 (inc delivery) on price runner, so I'll be getting the credit card out
Thanks everyone !!

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