HTPC CASE REcomendations


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If you want cheap try the Antec Overture case - it looks a bit more like a desktop PC, but has a nice silver front and piano black case. I got one recently and it came with a 380PSU for £99 incl, delivery from Overclockers.

Although I haven't built it yet I believe from others that its fairly quiet straight outta the box.



Apart from the gloss black paint the Antec Overture really is nothing special, has terrible vibration problems, the case fan is noisy on anything other than slow, and the lid acts as a noise amp.

Having said that though, it is a joy to work on/upgrade etc compared to a tower and hides away nicely on shelves in a cupboard (and can still be worked on from in there by only removing the lid)
not bad once modded but nowhere near the build quality and quietness of the old desktops we remember from Compaq, IBM etc. So far it is still no quieter than my old modded Shuttle :(

Considering I prefer the stealth look to the showy look, I would just buy a cheap desktop next time and keep modding til I'm happy, then stuff it in the cupboard.

As for a recommendation for HCPC, I would say a Shuttle and be prepared to change the fans, because I like the fact they are lightweight and can be carried around easy.

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