HTPC Case reccomendations?


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Hi, I am getting ready to build my first media center PC which I want to connect to my plasma TV. I want it positioned in my lounge and can't decide wheather to go for a standard case or a more AV-ish desktop case. I have a budget of around £50 and would spend a bit more if it was worth it. I have seen quite a few standard cases which look very nice (X-Mac EZ Cool Alpine Silver 7105H, Codegen 6097C9, Coolermaster Centurion 530, etc) & I could tuck the box under a table beside my TV. The AV style cases all seem very expensive to me, although the Antec Overture II looks OK?

As it will be in my lounge, it needs to be reasonably quiet. I know I can change fans, PSU, etc but I would like a case that lends itself to quietness also!

Any help would be appreciated.


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PS. Sorry, I forgot to add. I have already bought most of the other kit including a DFI ATX motherboard so the case needs to be full ATX.


The Accent is a v nice case but out of budget, the Silverstone LC16m is also nice, offers better cooling than the accent but again is out of budget. The silverstone LC17 uses the same chassis as the LC16m (and LC18), so has the same cooling properties (provision for 2 x80mm fan, 3 x92mm fan, PSU fed by cool air from outside rather than warm air from inside), but has a different fascia (no VFD, no remote, no iMon software) and comes in at £55+VAT - so close to budget. For that sort of money and full ATX I think it's difficult to beat.

Had some exposure to the overture after a friend built a PC with one - it was very noisy and soon got ditched


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Thanks for you input guys. The Accent is well over budget and the Silverstone looks very nice. Skunkpipe, could you tell me where I can buy it for £55? I can't seem to see it anywhere for less than about £75.

What about the standard type cases? I think they look so much better and they are cheaper to buy. I must admit, I'm swaying towards them, Especially the Codegen case. if I go for the AV style case I think i'm going to have to buy a new AV cabinet as well. I haven't got enough room in my current setup!

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