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Jan 25, 2003
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Help in last few bits.

So far i have the:
Case D-VINE 6
CPU- Athlon 3000 venice
Mobo MSI RS480M2 - This is a micro motherboard.
H/D - Samsung 200gig sata
Ram - 1gig
Graphics card - Gigabyte 6600gt passive
Windows Mce2005

I will be connecting to a 36"CRT or Dell 20" monitor.

What else do i need ?

Cpu cooler - which one? and has to fit my Mobo

I will need to capture Sky (no freeview im my area), any ideas for capture card?.

Extra Software for Dvd playback.

All advice greatly appreciated as i am not great with computers. :smashin:
unless you want the advantages of the nvidia purevideo (or want to play some games) there is no need for the 6600gt card. That motherboard should have onboard graphics, to the calibre of a radeon x300...most implimentations also have onboard composite and svideo out too, so you can do tv out to normal crt tellys easily enough without the expense of another graphics card. Spend the money you save on a bigger hard drive, in my humble opinion. Capture card...hmmm...hlaf says pvr150 hauppauge, the other half says ati theatre 550 pro....if you are going to capture via composite out form your sky box, then definately the ati 550 pro...if you are lucky enough to have a sky box with svideo out (grundig boxes??) then you can use either card and get a good experience.
Probably find you need more HD space than that, I'm just about to add another hard drive to my system taking me up to 820GB I really hope I don't need to get any more after this!
Thanks Guys,

I already have bought 6600gt (hoping to make use of component out eventually)

Hard drives are noisy, so i am going to put any extra H/D in my Desktop (already 250gig in there).

I have got Sky + box (although i am not subscribed anymore, just free channels)
so can use S-VIDEO.

There are so many coolers, :confused: Zalman maybe but i want one that fits and is quiet.
There are so many coolers, :confused: Zalman maybe but i want one that fits and is quiet.

I heard the fans on the latest Zalman (9500) were a bit noisey, as they are 92mm and would be difficult to change. I've gone for the Scythe Ninja which should be capable of cooling the Athlon 3000 passively, and if its not you can add a very quiet 120mm fan with the supplied clips.

Edit: The Scythe might not fit unless you are using a full ATX size case...
Thank you I have the eyes of a hawk ( well thats what the guy down the market said they were but I still think they're just marbles :Shrugs:)

I'm slap bang in the middle of building an HTPC and can't believe how many wires you have to store in the case, I'm just looking at your case (which is purty nice) and I would worry about where to hide all the wires if you install 2 optical drives! Those spare bays are a god send for wire hideyholes.

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