HTPC Build (Cheap)


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Hello there,

This is my proposed HTPC build using recycled parts to a large extent.
What do you guys think?

Case - Silverstone ML03B
Powersupply - Antec Earthwatts 380
Motherboard - ASUS P5DL2-VM (mATX)
Processor - Pentium 4 3.0 ghz socket 775
CPU Fan - Arctic Cooling Alpine 11 gt 2
RAM - Corsair 1 GB DDR2
DVD - LiteOn IHAP-122
VIDEO - Asus NVidia GeForce G210 (Silent)

also need one of more 8cm fans...

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What OS are you planning to use?


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I am very inexperience on HTPC's. I am planning to use an old XP Pro or a free Linux Distro - which would be
Forgot to mention, I will probably use 2.5 inch IDE laptop hard disks I have lying around or long-term, buy a
new Sata SSD.

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well if it's not going to cost you anything I'd give it a go! Your kit is a bit long in the tooth but it will work.


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Make sure you use a 32Bit OS with that set up! not really enough RAM for anything else, also I know the Nvidia Geforce G210 is capable of HD 1080p playback but not so sure whether your CPU is that capable...this is just an idea but maybe consider the benefits of upgrading to a dual core 775 processor for example the Pentium D dual cores are very reasonably priced and would give you notably more functionality such as this one...Intel Pentium D 3.00GHz 4M 800 Socket 775 SL9KA Dual Core Processor Presler Core | eBay it might also be beneficial to grab another 1GB stick of DDR2 RAM to make sure there is enough to support HD playback at higher resolutions. 1GB of DDR2 these days is about £10~ and a Pentium D Dual core is about £20-25~ so £35 for much more performance is definitely worth the upgrade IMO. You seem to have a nice case and power supply. All that you need is the extra performance to give you guaranteed smooth HD playback. Like you also said a few 80mm fans might be a good idea too to keep things running at decent temps. As far as the 80mm fans go I have heard that the Scythe 80mm fan is good...this one Scythe S-flex Sff80c 80mm Fan 2000rpm Case Fan | 120mm | Fans | PureCoolPC but you should be able to get it cheaper elsewhere if you do some hunting...Hope that was helpful :p


Surely youd be better off upgrading to a newer core duo or core2duo .. they run infinitely cooler than the pentium d. Less heat produced les fans needed = less noise. Also they use far less juice, especially in idle mode ... it would pay for itself in months.
So less power, less fans, less heat and better performance.
The earthwatts is nice & quiet too.

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