htpc blue screen issues


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I have now built my htpc for quite a few months and experiencing blue screen issues.

The whole spec is:

AMD A-Series A8 3870K Black Edition Quad-Core Processor (3.00 GHz, 4MB Cache, Socket FM1, 100W, Radeon HD6550D

ASRock A75 PRO4-M Motherboard

CPU fan
Spire Rotor Pro PWM CPU Cooler. Near silent low profile cooler, Universal fitting for Intel sockets 775 1155 1156 1366 & AMD AM2 AM2+ AM3 AM3+ & FM1

2X Corsair VS2GB1333D3 2GB Value Select DDR3 PC Memory

WD AV-GP WD10EVDS - Hard drive - 1 TB - internal - 3.5" - SATA-300 - buffer: 32 MB

Novatech Vision Media Centre Case, Micro-ATX, 250W PSU, Remote Control

I have several leads:

- The fan quotes maximum TDP 95W, my CPU is 100W
I changed the fan from stock to that one very soon so not sure if I had blue screens with stock fan. I monitor the temperature using Speedfan, the CPU runs between 30-50°C max. The cpu fan speed does not show anymore, whatever fan I plug there, issue with the motherboard? (did try to reinstall speedfan)

- The harddrive is an AV GP HDD I initially bought for a PVR and never used. Some say there shouldn't be used in PC!?!

- Is the PSU a bit limited at 250W? I'm even not running a graphics card!

- last and maybe most important one, looking at the event viewer under control panel, it shows a recurrent critical error "kenel-power ID 41 task category 63" I've not had much luck in identifying what this is!!


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Blue screens are usually down to memory or drivers.

Try the Memory Diagnostic in Windows.

Disable all unnecessary program and utilities that run at startup using msconfig.

Disable all unnecessary hardware, and update the drivers for what's left. Then if the problems go away, enable hardware bit by bit until you find the cause.


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Just had another blue screen while I was typing this reply!! Before that new blue screen, I disconnected the DVD player, disabled unnecessary programs under msconfig, keeping windows update and MacAfee on.
I did run a memory diagnostic last night and came wit no fault.
I restarted the pc after this blue screen but took a ram out, see what happens, then swap with the other one. They were value ones but still corsair ones. I might swap them for another brand and bit more expensive.
I will eventually change the AV HDD (not so good for pc I've heard) for a 2TB, I currently use a 2TB usb for the multimedia.
I'm also thinking of changing the stock psu for a more powerful and quieter one, maybe Corsair CMPSU-600CXV2UK Builder Series 600W Power Supply or OCZ OCZ600MXSP-UK ModXStream Pro 600W ATX Power Supply.
See what happens!!


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Seems to have found the culprit, the psu just died. I ordered another psu (OCZ OCZ600MXSP-UK ModXStream Pro 600W ATX), very nice and super quiet but too big. The stock psu went without any spark or smoke so hopefully no damage!

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