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HTPC blu-ray(3D) viewing on a Samsung ps516500


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Hello there every one.

I'm a newbie to the A/V world (and this forum) and I was hoping to get some answers to some questions which have been bugging me so I'm hoping some of you technological veterans may be able to help me!!!:)

I have a Sony vgx tp3z/b home media pc attached to a Samsung plasma PS51E6500 via HDMI.
Running Windows 7,I use this media pc to surf the web,watch 3d films streaming online,(also ones which I have downloaded) and also to watch standard definition TV through its analogue tuner.

My questions are these,

When I'm watching standard definition TV (on windows media centre) it shows me when I press the info button on my remote that the screen resolution is ....x1080, 50p.
What I'd like to know is what does the 50p stand for in simplistic terms? also when I load up and start windows media centre it shows the same resolution as above,but it shows 60hz instead until I choose a TV channel,and once chosen it(a channel) it shows 50p next to it.Does any one know why this is?

Secondly I was wondering if any one knew,when watching downloaded 3d films (some of these films are in excess of 13gbs),can I force the 24p format to kick in,so I can enable cinema smooth on the TV,or will they be output as 50p still?

It also has a blu ray player built in too,would these blu rays on a disc show as 24p also on my plasma? ( I use total media theatre 5,windows home media cinema classic,& windows media player version 12).......

and last but not least.....:) If I was to purchase a A/V amp to run my pc through,(via HDMI) ,would my pc only send 2 channels of stereo sound to the amp via hdmi or would it be possible for it to send 7.1 channels to it,as so to enable me to setup a 7.1 speaker setup? (it has realtek (optical) and HDMI sound cards built in from what I can tell.

any help would be greatly appreciated:smashin: and thank you for your time.......


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Regarding the 7.1 set up. Go to control panel > sound, and then go to configure option/setup on the hdmi port. You should then be able to pick 5.1 or 7.1 depending on what the sound card will allow.
You should also check out XBMC as a media player.


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Hi and welcome to the forums.

the 1080/50 resolution = 1080 active lines per frame, as well as 50 progressive frames per second

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