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A question to the WinXP HTPC experts:

I need a program that automatically changes output resolution and frequency based on played media. Like when playing Blu-Ray discs I would like the graphics card to output 1920x1080p24 and 576i50 with PAL DVDs and 480i60 with NTSC movies on DVD.

I have an external video scaler and would like the upscaling of SD material to happen there and not in the HTPC.

And btw. which is at the moment the "best" AGP based graphics card with DVI output for a HTPC?

Thanks much!


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Have you looked at PowerStrip?

I think it allows to set different graphics profiles.....


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AnyDVD has an option to launch an external program based on the type of media inserted. There are currently three options - 50Hz, 60Hz, and "other" - which would cover those three scenarios. If you have an ATI card, you could then make three Catalyst profiles with command-line entries, each of which could be provided to the AnyDVD external program options.


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I currently have an AGP version of a passive ATI Radeon 9250 graphics card. Any advise for a newer and more modern graphics card?

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