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HTPC Audio Help

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by gozzy27, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. gozzy27


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    I was wandering whether anyone could advise me on the best amp and speakers to connect to my PC.

    I have a Shuttle SN41G2 2600 athlon and onboard Nvidia Nforce2 Audio.

    Its all connected by jack to phono to a sony davsa30 int amp/dvd.

    I have a Freeview TV card and the dvd seems to manifest a popping sound from the speakers randomly. I have searched through forums and tried all driver updates etc but no luck.

    I want to buy an amp and speakers to give me good quality for music and also 5.1+ surround sound. I also need optical inputs on it.

    A couple I have found are : SONY STRDE598 and the Sony HT-DDW670

    Can someone please help me out the popping is driving me mad and I dont want to replace one problem for the same :thumbsup:

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