HTPC + 876 + Audyssey = FAIL!

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hi there,

Im having some trouble with the setup of my onkyo 876 and htpc. I have got sound working but not as id like it. At the moment I have a 7.1 setup (all channels detected and working fine from the amp) but I was under the impression that I could send multichannel lpcm from my graphics card (ATI 4890) via hdmi and still get audyssey processing and other dsp?

As the setup is at the moment I can only select multichannel on the amp and no other listening modes, is this right? As far as I can make out this is no different to using analogue inputs to the multichannel in?

Have I dont something wrong or do i need to bitstream to take advantage of any amp processing features?

I am able to select different listening modes in the preset section of the setup which makes me think the htpc might be to blame?

EDIT: Ive solved it! Id somehow set my soundcard to output only at 196k and at this bitrate the amp cannot apply dsp (page 82 of the manual). Changed the bitrate to 96 and it works :)
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