Answered HTPC - 4K Playback which components?

Hey Guys, I need some help and guidance please. My cousin has requested to purchase my HTPC off me which is awesome as I can now fully upgrade and start from scratch..
I am in the process of RMA'ing the RX 560 4GB card I purchased for £159.00 and will purchase the RX580 4GB for £299.00 (Original price is around £400 + depends where your purchasing from) So I really would like to know which motherboard, ram, cpu etc to purchase. Please see below specs I have in mind:
  • HTPC Case (Silverstone GD09B) this is what I have in mind but I don't mind any other recommendations as I am starting from scratch...
  • GPU - Sapphire RX580 4GB Nitro + (Already Purchased)
  • PSU - EVGA 750W GQ Power Supply (Semi Modular) - will this be sufficient? Is it a good power supply?
  • Motherboard - Has to have DDR4 ram slots and PCI-3 express slot, not sure ATX or mini ITX? I guess if I purchase the GD09B it won't make a difference as it can take both.
  • CPU - Which CPU is recommended? i3 , i5 or i7? baring in mind I will only be using as HTPC and for 4K movies viewing no gaming..
  • CPU Cooling - I already have a Corsair H50 cooler. will this work with the new intel slot motherboards or do I need to get a new one? If so which cooler do you recommend?
  • RAM - I think 8GB will be plenty so either 1 strip of 8gb or 2 x 4GB
    which brand and model is recommended.
  • SSD Drive - Will only have windows 10 with Kodi and Madvr etc.. No other programs so don't need a lot of space, 120gb
Please bare in mind that this HTPC is for the sole purpose of Movie Viewing only. No gaming no use as a desktop. I don't want it to be an overkill , I want the latest tech I can buy today which is more than sufficient for playback of 4K HDR movies and maybe a little future proof for the next atleast 5-10 years...

Would appreciate all your help with the recommendations. It doesn't have to be the cheapest products but then I don't want to pay unnecessarily for stuff that I don't really require or is an overkill but if the difference in price is not major then yes why not

Thanks for all your help and look forward to your replies


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You could save a lot of money and just buy a Nvidia Shield for use with Kodi or MrMC, all of that is really overkill unless using madvr is an absolute necessity.

The Shield has the same video decoder as Nvidia GPU's which handles 4K HEVC/HDR content and has a strong enough CPU to handle any SD legacy video format in software decode like Real video, Divx etc.

An Intel Core i3/5/7 is not required unless you plan to do software decoding only with madvr on GPU duty, then that makes sense.

Will it last 5-10 years, probably not, the next big format coming in 2020 is AV1 which is a very complex codec and will likely need a hardware decoder (for high quality stuff not Youtube quality), though in time someone may cook up a better performing software decoder.

If your still after software decoding then an Intel NUC is really all you need, the latest models have HDMI 2.0 output and the Intel GPU video decoder supports HEVC 4K. This one has a Core i5 CPU which may handle your videos needs as a fallback option if hardware decoding fails, HDR support is a bit iffy but allegedly works if using latest Intel GPU drivers. Also has thunderbolt port so you could hook up an external GPU down the road if need be which supports newer formats/outputs.
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